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Fitness Beatz is a company that focuses mainly on Group Exercise Classes | Dance Fitness. Featuring simple yet seriously hot dance moves to accompany the latest chart toppers and popular club mixes from around the world, it is the perfect way for participants to shape up while getting to release their inner superstar!  Dance Fitness is the ultimate solution for keeping fit in a fun and sociable way and is suitable for everyone, including beginners. We also provide private or corporate group exercise classes for your corporate organisation. Group Exercise Programmes such as:

- Zumba

- KpopX

- Yoga (Beginner & Intermediate)

- Piloxing

- Fight-Do

- Bollydazz / BollyFit

- Kick-Boxing

- K-Kardio

- Pilates

- Salsation

- HIIT / Boot-Camp / Circuit Training

- Group Exercise Classes

- Personal Training and many more....


A typical Dance Fitness class is 60 minutes long with about 12 to 13 different tracks featuring International and selected tracks. Each track features unique choreography is essentially its own stand-alone dance routine carefully choreographed to work the vital muscle groups and sculpt the body.


So if you are feeling bored with the same old exercise routines and wondering how to lose those spare kilos in a fun and enjoyable way, come on down to our class and dance your way to fitness! Every class feels like a party! The best part? You don't even have to know how to dance. Just move your body to our very easy-to-follow steps and lose yourself to the pulsating beats! Come try it and see for yourself; we’re sure you will have a blast! 

Zumba & Dance Fitness - Fitness Beatz, Singapore

"If dancing to fitness is a dream...

...then we make dreams come true

-Clemence Albert     

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