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Our team of dedicated and professional Fitness Beatz Instructors

Additional Qualifications:
Basic Exercise Course
CPR Certified
Standard First Aid & AED Certified
Clemence Albert

Founder & Director / Senior Dance Fitness Instructor


Clemence Albert has been in the Media, Dance and Performance industry for more than a decade and he decided to share his experience, passion for dance, and his knowledge in fitnessto the larger community through Zumba. The rest, as they say, is history.


As a licensed Zumba® instructor who has been dancing for most of his life, Clemence takes pride in the authenticity of the Zumba experience he provides for students. His fun, high-energy classes feature a wide range of musical genres, such as Reggaeton, Bollywood, Samba and Arabian Pop. He also mixes in some easy hip-hop moves to his choreography to keep his routines fresh and engaging.


“What I love about Zumba is the notion of exercise in disguise,” says Clemence. “It’s an exercise format that’s fun and easily accessible to people of all ages, fitness levels and levels of dance experience.” In an effort to create a safe, positive and motivating environment for health and wellness support, Clemence inspires his students to have fun while sweating it out and losing weight.

Joe Silva
Additional Qualifications:
ACE Personal Trainer
International Sports Academy Personal Trainer
United States Sports Academy Personal Trainer
Crossfit Level 1
Standard First Aid & CPR Certified

Personal Trainer / Dance Fitness Instructor


Joe has been in the  Media, Dance and Perfomance industry few years ago. He has a keen interest in experimentiong new workout styles and new physical activities. Joe is well equipped with various talents and hence, uses them to his benefit. He conducts Dance Fitness classes as well as Personal Training. 


Picking up valuable life lessons from marathons and other endurance sports, Joe fully understands how to deliver results to each and every client.


Friendly and engaging by nature, he often goes the extra mile to help his clients and motivates them. He would pinpoint their strengths and work on their weaknesses so that the training makes them stronger, fitter and healthier with each passing session. Preferring to let his actions walk the talk, he makes it a point to leave no stone unturned while wanting the best results for his clients.

Pamela Ong
Additional Qualifications:
Standard First Aid & CPR Certified

Sales & Marketing / Dance Fitness Instructor

Pamela fell in love with Zumba when she first experienced this fun and easy dance fitness workout in 2013. Since then, she has been continuously enjoying her Zumba workouts with her instructor, Clemence Albert while training herself up to now become a qualified licensed Zumba® Instructor.


With her strong passions and many years of working experience, Pamela wants to do more to promote Dance Fitness to people who are keen to welcome exercise into their busy lifestyles. She has been exploring the great benefits of Dance Fitness and creative ways to promote Dance Fitness. Pamela heads our Sales & Marketing functions including our ZumbaWear, a platform set up for all our students to purchase their favourite and fashionable Zumba merchandise conveniently through ZumbaWear. Anyone interested in purchasing Zumba merchandise can contact her via email at


"Our mission is to promote Dance Fitness and its great benefits to everyone. We have a team of qualified instructors who are committed to teach and motivate everyone to keep dancing and exercising to sweat and lose all that extra kilos to be in good shape and stay healthy." said Pamela. "Zumba is really fun and easy and is more than a combination of lovely music, fun dance movements and full body cardiovascular exercise. Zumba is for everyone regardless of gender or age group. Zumba is also a convenient activity which can be conducted indoor or outdoor. Our aim is to introduce Zumba events and classes to places where people can enjoy great and fun workouts!"

Additional Qualifications:
Standard First Aid & CPR Certified

Dance Fitness Instructor


Rozliana or more lovingly known as Rozi has always express interest in many kinds of fitness. An avid dancer, she has been freelancing for more then a decade, and came to love belly dancing and bollywood the most.


Always an explorer, she has jumped from rock climbing to yoga and finally came to love Zumba. After attending many different classes with various instructors, she has decided to be one herself and aims to make others feel the way she does in each of them -Outrageously Happy!!! She believes with her knowledge and  deep passion she can successfully fuse dance and fitness together and make everyone embrace Zumba with arms wide open!

Additional Qualifications:
Standard First Aid & CPR Certified

Basic Sports Science (Sport Singapore)

Pre & Post Natal Training (FIT Thailand)

Group Resistance Training (AFAA)

Fitness Instructor Training (Sport Singapore)

Youth Fitness Specialist (FIT Thailand)

Personl Trainer / Dance Fitness Instructor


Fitness has been Radha's passion since young. Going for runs and working out in the gym has been her favourite routine. Radha belives that one has to enjoy exercising to keep fit. She has a passion for  dance since the age of 5.  She has performed in a number of variety shows in Community Centres and Mediacorp.


Following the birth of her second kid, Radha piled up many kilos. She was constantly trying to lose weight and and that was when Zumba® was introduced to her by her then Instructor, Clemence Albert. She finally found the right mixture of fitness and dance which she loved. Through Zumba, not only has she lost those spare kilos, but it certainly improved her stamina and fitness level. That was when she decided that she wants to share this programme with everyone and decided to enrol for the Zumba Instructor Course. "Staying fit is not that difficult if one puts their soul, time, committment and most importantly, they must enjoy doing it" says Radha.


Additional Qualifications:
Standard First Aid & CPR Certified
Mabel Wee
Additional Qualifications:

Dance Fitness Instructor



Hi, I'm Mabel Wee from Singapore and being a mother of 3, I did not have time to enjoy what I like before.  Even though I had no dancing background experience but I got compliments from others that I dance well and thought I had experience in that field. 


It was in year 2014 when a friend recommended me to Zumba which I had no idea what it was about but I immediately fell in love with it after attending my first class and had never looked back since!  I love how Zumba Fitness classes bring out its energy, the fun and the music.  It feels so much like a fun dance party and you won't even realise that you're working out!  The best part, I feel younger and more alive and definately a happier person too!


Attending Zumba classes also helped me become leaner, toner and fitter! Being so passionate about Zumba, I decided to take up the course and became a qualified Zumba instructor in March 2015. I hoped to inspire more people to lead an active and healthier lifestyle through Zumba Fitness.


So, if you wish to burn fat, tone muscles, build stamina, reduce stress and clear your mind while still having all the fun, then Zumba is the answer! Come, join me now and dance ourselves into shape, and have a blast together!

Dance Fitness Instructor


My name is Priya and dancing has been an activity i have been engaged in since young. I enjoy dance, and now as an adult when i decide to pursue dance as a career, Zumba was introduced to me by a friend. Always in the need to maintain a fit and healthy physic, i decided to be an instructor to motivate others to develop the culture of being fit.

Zumba in every way fulfills my need for dance, fitness and enjoyment. I couldn't have been more happy than to have Zumba as a part of my life. It is now a habit and if i do not dance, i feel sick. I want to inculcate that mindset in many out there who are still awaiting to start off their fitness routine.

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