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About Fitness Beatz

Fitness Beatz is a company that focuses mainly on Group Exercise Classes & Dance Fitness. Featuring simple yet seriously hot dance moves to accompany the latest chart toppers and popular club mixes from around the world, it is the perfect way for participants to shape up while getting to release their inner superstar!  Dance Fitness is the ultimate solution for keeping fit in a fun and sociable way and is suitable for everyone, including beginners. 

We also provide private or corporate group exercise classes for your corporate organisation. Group Exercise Programmes such as:

- Zumba

- KpopX

- Yoga (Beginner & Intermediate)

- Piloxing

- Fight-Do

- BollyFit

- Kick-Boxing

- K-Kardio

- Pilates

- Salsation

- Boot-Camps

- Group Exercise

- Personal Training and more....


Fitness Beatz’s Dance Fitness programme has changed the life of many through its upbeat, up-to-date, dynamic routines and groovy music. The routines, which are suitable for all ages, feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. It’s a safe and healthy way to develop cardiovascular fitness. Get the best of both worlds: Achieve long-term health benefits and have an absolute blast doing it! All in one exciting hour packed with calorie-burning, body-energizing and mentally invigorating movements. Life will never be the same again!


A typical Dance Fitness class is 60 minutes long with about 12 to 13 different tracks including some Zumba® tracks too. Each track features unique choreography by Clemence Albert himself and is essentially its own stand-alone dance routine carefully choreographed to work the vital muscle groups and sculpt the body. The class will kick off with the instructor taking you through a basic warm up where you get your whole body – from your shoulders to your chest, to your hips and even your fingertips moving.

What follows is 45 minutes of uncomplicated but super fun dance combinations. Not only will you have plenty of opportunities to master these simple moves, but the combination of high intensity and recovery tracks means you get a really effective workout! You’ll be enjoying your session so much that you won’t see time flying by, and before you know it, it’ll be time to cool down and stretch out those muscles before we bid goodbye till the next class!


Fitness Beatz also specializes in many other dance and fitness programs such as:-


- Zumba® & Dance Fitness

- Dance Choreography (Adults & Kids)

- Bollywood Choreography (Adults & Kids)

- Private / Corporate Zumba® Events

- Dance Workshops

- Personal Training




Corporate Classes


Would you and your group of friends like to run a weekly class at your premises?

Do you want to organise a team building experience?

Does your team /office need a workout party?

Then look no further and give us a call now!


For more infrormation please contact us:

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